Our Mission

Survivors Enclave Network (SEN) is the GOLD STANDARD in PREMIER Server Services!

Our software and staff go out of their way to ensure good game play is had both with your connection and your community!

The dedication to our players goes above and beyond what is expected for typical server staff! We ensure that communication and connection are the forefront of every server that is specially tuned for each and every player base we provide.

When You Are Looking For Good Game Servers - Look To Our SEN Server Development!

Active Servers

Here at Survivors Enclave we play many various games throughout the year.

In order for our community to keep up with the newest titles in gaming our administration will dedicate a server based on the moderators interest at that time.

If the game maintains an audience we will continue to maintain the title throughout the year as long as the game has a game manager to ensure quality game play!

Click the boxes to access the current active server info!

Game Updates

7 Days to Die:
Post date: 1/24/2020
Post date: 12/4/2019
Post date: 11/30/2019
Post date: 2/6/2020
Post date: 1/24/2020
Post date: 12/19/2019
Conan Exiles:
Post date: 2/11/2020
Post date: 1/30/2020
Post date: 1/7/2020
Post date: 2/6/2020
Post date: 1/23/2020
Post date: 1/2/2020