Welcome to our
V-Rising Server


In the vast expanse of the gaming universe, the Survivors Enclave Network (SEN) embarks on yet another daring adventure: our latest venture, the V-Rising server. A realm rich in dark fantasy and imbued with the allure of vampiric lore, this game represents the ultimate test of immortality, power, and community. Through bloodthirsty battles, the mastery of dark arts, and the establishment of immortal covens, our server offers an unforgettable journey through a world steeped in vampiric tradition and peril.

Begin your immortal saga as a newly risen vampire, embraced into the nocturnal world, where the thirst for blood drives your every move. Explore a gothic landscape, where haunted castles loom in the moonlight, ancient forests whisper secrets, and the shadows conceal unimaginable power. Engage in an eternal struggle for supremacy, as you wage wars, harness forbidden magic, and shape the fate of your vampiric dynasty in our V-Rising server.

Challenge yourself to thrive in this unforgiving, open-world environment. Traverse treacherous terrain, hunt for blood, master the arcane arts, and construct opulent havens to cement your dominance. Beware of the creatures of the night that prowl in the darkness, lurking for an opportunity to challenge your reign. Yet, with danger comes opportunity. Only through cunning and resourcefulness will you rise above the rest, amassing wealth and knowledge to solidify your immortal legacy.

Amidst this realm of darkness and power, the Survivors Enclave Network's V-Rising server isn't just about individual dominance but community. Forge alliances with fellow vampires, establish formidable covens, and thrive collectively, creating a shared saga that will echo through eternity. This world demands the cunning of ancient vampires and the spirit of cooperation. Together, you will write a chronicle that would make Dracula himself envious. Awaken your inner vampire, embrace the eternal night, and enter a world of immortal intrigue. In our V-Rising server, your vampiric saga awaits. Will you answer the call of the night?


Server Rules

We've set a few ground rules to ensure everyone has the best gaming experience possible. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them:

  1. Respect Others: Treat everyone with respect. No harassment, bullying, or any form of discrimination will be tolerated.
  2. Racism / Bigotry / Sexual Harassment: We will not tolerate any form of outright hate speech, racism, or bigotry. All players should feel secure knowing they won't have to deal with distasteful remarks based on nationality, sexual orientation, gender, skin color, etc. We aim to correct any such situation on the spot and expect all players to amend their behavior accordingly. Anyone refusing to comply may be removed from our network immediately.
  3. Griefing / Trolling: Harassing other players with malicious intent is unacceptable. We understand that conflict is a part of the game, but there is a point when it must end. Any activities that could be seen as griefing or trolling will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
  4. No Cheating: Any hacking, exploiting game glitches, or using third-party software to gain an unfair advantage will lead to an immediate ban. Players exploiting any bugs will receive a strict warning. Continued exploitation will result in removal from the server.
  5. No Spamming: Don't flood the chat with messages or advertisements.
  6. Language: Keep your language clean. No offensive, abusive, or hate speech is allowed.
  7. Safe Content: Keep all content PG-13. Explicit, violent, or disturbing content is strictly prohibited.
  8. Cooperation: Play fair and cooperate where required. Griefing, team-killing, or disrupting gameplay in any way is not acceptable.
  9. Admin Abuse: We expect our admins to take their role seriously and to maintain a fair, competitive, and fun gaming environment. Any abuse of admin powers will lead to immediate removal upon review of the offense.
  10. Account Responsibility: You are responsible for your account's actions. If your account breaks the rules, you will face the consequences irrespective of who was using the account.


If you see another player breaking these rules while playing, report them to a mod or admin immediately. Failure to comply with these rules may result in warnings, temporary bans, or permanent bans, depending on the severity of the issue. Let's work together to create a fun, fair, and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone. Happy gaming!

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