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Captain's Log #41: A New Direction and Trade System + Ramming Ship Tease

Ahoy Pathfinders!

After lots of internal discussion we have decided to start cranking out more frequent, smaller content drops rather than larger, expansive features that take months to prepare. This ultimately does not change our current feature course, but rather than wait for more content we are simply going to drop what we’re working on now - the first iteration of the Trade System next week!


Ahoy Pathfinders!

The upcoming patch will be more focused on fixes and balance passes as we continue to look into combat and also develop the farmhouse and warehouse system. Ships of the Damned issues among other bugs have also been fixed.

v409.1 - Warehouses Available Now!

Ahoy Pathfinders!

We’re excited to bring you phase 2 of the new features we are currently rolling out! Expanding from the Farmhouse system we introduced last patch, Warehouses are a new structure type that players may build at the smithy. We are shifting Stone Farmhouses and Warehouses to a new skill - Advanced Automation, which can be found in the Construction Tree (requires Esotery of Building).

Captain’s Log #40: Warehouse Teaser and Endgame Discussion

Ahoy Pathfinders!

Our commitment to bringing new features to ATLAS continues. ATLAS is still in Early Access, and we’re only in the beginning stages of developing the renewed ATLAS journey. Many changes are incoming and a lot of work is being done behind the scenes. All of your feedback has been very helpful and we’re thankful you’re taking this voyage with us as we shape the ATLAS experience.


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