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Maintenance Time - 2021 Server Forecast

Hello Again Survivors!

Over the last few months we have taken an assessment of needs and have chosen to ensure better quality equipment installation. Our benefactor has now moved our server systems to a more stable infrastructure. Doing so will allow for better connectivity and response to maintenance concerns! Currently we are in house testing various titles to assure that the systems are functioning to their utmost! If you would like to be apart of our testing process, please join our discord and contact our staff via the General Chat channel!

Our Server Rules

Racism / Bigotry / Sexual Harassment: As with most servers, we will not tolerate any form of outright hate speech, racism, or bigotry. All players on the server should feel secure in knowing they won't have to deal with distatsteful remarks based on nationality, sexual orientation, gender, skin color, etc. This being said the behavior must be identified as malicous and hateful before any corrective action will be taken. If a player is acting out due to the stresses of a game then we will do our best to correct the sitaution on the spot and help to resume game play.

Games, Games, Games!

Hey there and thanks for stopping in! Just a quick note on where we are with the SEN development process! Our staff has completed the final touches on the 7 days to die server and website! If you are interested some zombie time fun time hit up that community and join in on the fun.

And we're off!

I have started construction of the new Survivors Enclave Network! There will be many challenges ahead but at least in time we will solve/work around whatever gets in our way! I want to say thanks to Shiny for keeping the dream alive! Over the course of the next 4 to 6 weeks I will be putting more and more of the site together so we can form a clear idea on what we want from this community and how we can deliver it out right to those whom are interested. I believe that with enough time and patience we can work together as a group so as to achieve great things!
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