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Hey there survivors!


Thanks for tuning in for another great month of Rust here at the Survivors Enclave. The recent up date this month has led to us having to perform a full server update opposed to a normal map wipe. Due to this we have decided to extend the size of the play area. If you would like to check out our map seed head here:

As usual we will run the server for the next few weeks, however if there are updates from the developers our agency will have to move in tandem as we receive updates. If you have any problems or concerns while playing on our server please feel free to reach out to support and as always have a great time in game!


Grab your rocks and craft some socks! It's time to head into the fray and see if you have what it takes to get through! Run through the night and protect yourself from the elements while keeping your home and goods in tact! Our Schedule for the following month will be as follows:

  • Restarts will occur 4 times a day starting @ midnight  
  • The server will wipe on the first Tuesday of the Month @ midnight  
  • If you have concerns please leave a ticket on our support page

Thanks again to all our players and we hope to see in you in the field!


It's that time again folks!

After completing the wipe we have reviewed the population of the server and have decided to continue using the current map available."
Our next wipe will most likely occur sometime toward the end of summer in the months of Jul-Aug.
I want to thank everyone who joined during our last phase and look forward to new communities members in the next phase!

Now let's get to surviving!


So apparently I need more than one article in order to determine if my webhooks are working correctly on discord. I feel that this is a challenge but not something that should take outside of 3 to 5 hours of maintenance before another solution has to be taken. As usual if there are any members of our community that are aware of easy to use bots for translating RSS to discord channels, please contact Shiny or Mog as soon as you can! In the meantime let us embrace the janky nature of the web!
The community page is now complete for the members of the Rust Out Server. Included on our page is the identifier for our server and 2 slideshows. The first of the slideshows presents Steam news for the game pulling the data directly from the Steam Network! If there are any other site change request or additional maintenance for this page, please contact Mog Spawn! Now get out there and survive!