The Pixelmon Reforged Server

Pixelon Reforged Load Screen



Hello Again Fellow Survivors!


It's that time again for a new Minecraft Mod for the Community. For February our Staff has chosen Pixelmon Reforged to be the monthly title. In order to play this title you will need to have the Curse Forge Launcher installed, and select the following ModPack

Pixelmon Reforged




From here you will select the installed mod which should be the same as the version listed in the image below:


Pixelmon Version





After you have selected Pixemon Reforged to run through the CurseForge Launcher, next the Minecraft Launcher will appear and after logging in you will find yourself at a load screen that looks like this:

Pixelmon Reforged Load Screen



There will be MANY servers available to chosen from, so you may want to select the DIRECT CONNECT option and put in the following IP ADDRESS:



Server Address


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If a game retains an audience, our servers will continue to run the title throughout the year.

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