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Unlock rewards during Conan Exiles free to play week!

Now is the perfect opportunity to get your friends to join you in The Exiled Lands, as Conan Exiles will be free to play on Steam from May 27th 19:00 CEST / 1 pm EDT to June 3rd 19:00 CEST / 1 pm EDT.

There are no limitations to play time, and all character progress will be saved should you wish to continue playing after the Steam Free Week is up.

In addition, we’ll be rewarding the entire community with in-game loot based on the number of monsters and human NPCs killed during the free week. Once we reach certain stretch goals, unique rewards will be unlocked for all players: So, the more people who join, the quicker you can get your hands on these:

Check out for more information about the stretch goals.

During the same period, we will also be splashing out loot every day on Twitch. This loot is not exclusive to Isle of Siptah, and so everyone who owns the base game is eligible to enter.

In order to get your hands on the exclusive items, all you have to do is make sure your Conan Exiles account and your Twitch account are linked (you can do that via the in-game main menu) – and watch any Conan Exiles stream marked ‘Twitch Drops Enabled’ for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Watching for longer, secures you even more loot – with new drops available every day during the promotional period.

Complete list of Twitch drops:

Thursday, May 27th
30 minutes watched: Banner of the Dragon
1 hour watched: Watcher’s Wall Torch
2 hours watched: Gloves of the Watchers

Friday, May 28th
30 minutes watched: Flag of the Dragon
1 hour watched: Watcher’s Chair
2 hours watched: Leggings of the Watchers

Saturday, May 29th
30 minutes watched: Standard of the Dragon
1 hour watched: Wolf Statue
2 hours watched: Tunic of the Watchers

Sunday, May 30th
30 minutes watched: Deer Statue
1 hour watched: Watcher’s Table
2 hours watched: Mask of the Watchers

Monday, May 31st
30 minutes watched: Bear Statue
1 hour watched: Watcher’s Bed
2 hours watched: Watcher’s Bookshelf

See for more information.