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Hey there gamers! Reporting in to let you folks know how the current Status of our new Atlas Server! So far the map and all loot has been defined as well as the rates for PvE, PvP, and Golden Ages!

Server F.A.Q.



  • Server Restarts are at 1:45pm and 1:45am Central Standard Time
  • Restarts take about 10-12 minutes.
  • Servers will post once they are ready in Discord "Atlas Server Update" Channel.
  • Trouble launching the game:
    • Logging in could take up to 3 to 5 minutes. 
    • Relaunching the server through the server finder will allow you to see if you are downloading mods.
    • We are aware the game has some glitchy loads, so if it seems like it is taking longer than normal, restart the game and sometimes restart your steam client. 
    • If that doesn't work try going to your steamworshop and removing all mods for Atlas, then try to rejoin the server. This has been very successful for many.

Trading & Gold: 

  • Sometimes The trading window doesn't work. It is the game, not us. We have tested it with mods and without the mods. So bring a chest to trade safely.
  • Upkeep on Animals and Pirates:
    • Sometimes If no one is on the server, the server freezes time. So Upkeep seems to slow or freeze. I wouldn't count on it in your favor.
  • Commodities Vendor exchange rate: (a 1 for 1 exchange + gold cost. You can exchange the same item types, such as copper for iron, etc)

    • Coals - Stacks of 25, plus 20 gold fee. Anthracite, Graphite, Lignite, Nitre, Sulfur available.

    • Crystals - Stacks of 15 plus 25 gold fee. Calcite, Herkimer, Pearl, Quartz, and Tellurite available.

    • Fibers - Stacks of 50 plus 18 gold fee. Cotton, Hemp, Jute, Silk, and Straw available.

    • Flints - Stacks of 40 plus 18 gold fee. Basalt, Chalcedony, Chert, Obsidian, and Radiolarite available.

    • Gems - Stacks of 15 plus 25 gold fee. Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Opal, and Sunstone available.

    • Metals - Stacks of 30 plus 23 gold fee. Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Silver, and Tin available.

    • Oils - Stacks of 15 plus 25 gold fee. Blubber, Crude Oil, Fish Oil, Naptha, and Shale Oil available.

    • Salts - Stacks of 15 plus 25 gold fee. Flake Salt, Iodine, Pink Salt, Rock Salt, and Sea Salt available.

    • Stone - Stacks of 50 plus 18 gold fee. Coquina, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, and Slate available.

    • Thatches - Stacks of 50 plus 18 gold fee. Bark, Fronds, Reeds, Roots, and Rushes available.

    • Woods - Stacks of 50 plus 18 gold fee. Agedwood, Darkwood, Lightwood, Softwood, Strongwood, and Wetwood available.

Quest, Powerstones, and Discovery Points:

  • Trench floors:
    • You have to break in to get into the trench. Your sub won't take damage if you hit the right part of the sea floor. You got to scrape the bottom of the false world floor so to enter into the trench.
  • You need to jump off and on the Ship’s Wheel to get the Maw Discovery Point, and PVE  Zones.
  • Discovery Points for Golden Age Islands can only be attained by reaching and attaining the Power Stone of that Island.
  • Basics behind the Powerstone are as follows:
    • Get all the Power Stones on Golden Age Islands
    • Go to the Maw to fight the Kraken
    • Gather all the Essence
    • Defeat the Ice Yeti
    • This will unlock the Torpedo!
    • There are two ways to get the submarine.
      • Kill the kraken
      • Unlock the feat in the skill tree.

War & Settlements:

  • Only the owner of a Settlement will be able to build offensive structures (mortars, cannons, and swivels) on their island, outside of Wartime.

  • Other companies can build defensive structures (puckle) at any time.

  • Other companies can build offensive structures ONLY during Wartime. Outside of Wartime, these structures are non-functional (inactive and unusable)

  • Settlement owners must set a window of vulnerability, currently set to 3 hours, where their island is raidable. Outside of this window, players, structures and ships will not take damage from other players. This is refered in-game as Combat Phase for an island.
  • Players can purchase a war token (significant cost) which can be used to declare war on an island:

    • When the war token coin is used: 

      • When war is declared on an island, players must select a schedule time in the future (4 days)

      • Only one war can be scheduled at once.

      • There is a cooldown after a war has ended before another war could be declared on that island

      • You have 24 hours Minimum before you can start shooting. 

      • You can set when you can engage within the 4 day period. 

      • The engagement window for assaulting is 20 minutes so players have the ability to smash and grab or softening of their opponets defences, or a few more minutes added to your attack during the war window. So you better be ready. The times are set narrow so to prevent extensive Offline Raiding.

Change Log - Atlas Server

Server Changelog - v0.1.2

  • Reduced time on DestroyUntaggedShipsInterval=259200 from default value @ Grid C3
  • Introduced "Regenerating Ships" Mods based on players request

Server Changelog - v0.1.1

  • Changed SettlementWarInterval=1200; from value 21600
  • Changed SettlementCombatPhaseLengthSeconds=10800; from value 21600
  • Changed NonShipTurretInitializationTimeScale= 15.0; from value 60.0
  • Included bPvEAllowNonAlignedShipBasing=true
  • Changed PvEStructureDecayPeriodMultiplier=0.100000; from value 0.500000 @ Grid C3
  • Included FastDecayInterval=14400; @ Grid C3
Mog Spawn

Mod List