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Maintenance Time - 2021 Server Forecast

Hello Again Survivors!

Over the last few months we have taken an assessment of needs and have chosen to ensure better quality equipment installation. Our benefactor has now moved our server systems to a more stable infrastructure. Doing so will allow for better connectivity and response to maintenance concerns! Currently we are in house testing various titles to assure that the systems are functioning to their utmost! If you would like to be apart of our testing process, please join our discord and contact our staff via the General Chat channel!

Once we complete our initial trial we will be looking to promote some great titles for the upcoming summer. Currently our R&D department is seeking to develop a GTA:RP server using the newest in FiveM server technology! This game and more will be coming down the pipeline soon so stay ready for adventure!

In order to build our audience, our group will also look to run some old and familiar titles as well. These include but are not limited to HL-2 Death Match, Dystopia, and Left for Dead 2! Make sure to keep up to date with the active servers list to see when these great titles are online!

Thanks again to our community for being awesome, now lets get to some gaming!